Siddi Zola (powder) 1kg

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Phosphate Solubilzing Bacteria (PSB)

Potash Mobilizing Bacteria (KMB)

Method: Sprinkling / Spreading 

1) Before Sowing / Soil Application :-

Sprinkle /spread 6-8 kgs of Siddi Zola Super along with compost manure on 1 acre and plough the land & there after sow the treated seeds.

2) On Standing Crops :

Sprinkle / spread 6-10kgs of Siddi Zola Super every 25 days on 1 acre, till the crop is harvested.


Seed Treatment:-

Take 1 kg of seeds and 50 gms of Siddi Zola Super and mix with 20 to 30 water (dry under shade).Sow the coated seeds.

Nursery Tray and poly bag:-

Take 1 kg Siddi Zola Super mix with 40 liters of water and after settling take the liquid and spray on nursery tray, poly bag & plants.

Tuber treatment:- (Ginger, tapioca, etc.) 

Mix 10kg of Siddi Zola Super with 100 to 150 liters of water and dip ginger, tapioca etc. in it (do not mix pesticides). If needed dry under shade and sow the treated ginger, tapioca etc., along with 20gms of siddi Zola in each pit.

Sugarcane stems and plant roots:- 

Mix 10kg of Siddi Zola Super with 100 to 500 liters of water and thereafter dip the sugarcane stems or plant roots in the solution (do not mix pesticides) and plant.


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